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How to Help the Upendo Family Orphanage:

What can one U.S. dollar buy?

For many of us, not much. It may buy a cup of coffee if it's the smallest size. Or a cheap handkerchief. And many people in the U.S. have no idea what a dollar can buy in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, just one dollar can buy:

  • A complete meal for five people.

  • A full uniform for a schoolchild.

  • A textbook to read at school.

Would you like to contribute? We're not asking you to take out a second mortgage; we would be happy with an amount of money you might not consider worth donating.


  • Say an Our Father (also called "the Lord's Prayer") everyday for Tanzanian and Global orphans at meal time. The orphans and vulnerable children need physical and spiritual power to survive.

  • Offer petitions for them to God in any communal prayer.


A free will donation in the form of a check can be made in favor of UPENDO FAMILY ORPHANAGE.

  • Please make any donation payable to: St Maurus Hanga Abbey.

  • Donations can be sent to:

    Fr. Pirmin Ngolle, O.S.B.
    St. Pius X Church
    4880 Bristol Avenue
    Klamath Falls, OR 97603
    Tel: (541) 884-4242
    Mobile (Cell): (541) 331-2800

St. Maurus Hanga Abbey is recognized as a Religious Non-profit Corporation with a religious purpose and it is registered in the state of Oregon. Registry number: 060582-91